Fitzgerald Cup

Welcome to Fitzgerald Cup @ home.  

On Saturday 06/06/20 you will be able to join other Scouts from Moonee Valley for an action packed, fun filled day of camping activities in the comfort of your own home.  You will need to have a read through the activities before the weekend to make sure you are ready – just like you would need to do to go on a camp with your troop or family.

The fun will start at 10am with the first of four scheduled activities and will conclude at 8pm.  There will also be three other activities you can complete at any time over the weekend.  You can join each session via a zoom meeting to get the instructions, tips and tricks and of course to ‘hang out’ online with other Scouts.

You can choose to stay online for the duration of each activity or you can continue to complete the activity by yourself.  It is OK if you can’t attend a scheduled session as you can still complete the activity outside of a scheduled session.  You can participate in all or part of the event.  

It would be great if you could take photographs of your completed activities and get them to your Scout Leader so that they can be shared with your troop after the weekend.

There is no need to book to attend Fitzgerald Cup this year.

ActivityScheduled sessionsEstimated activity length
Design a campsite10am Saturday30 minutes
Build your gateway12pm Saturday30 minutes
Create a gadget2pm Saturday30 – 60 minutes
Walk aboutNo scheduled sessions30 – 45 minutes
Cook a mealNo scheduled sessions45 – 120 minutes
Join the campfire7pm Saturday60 minutes
Camp outNo scheduled sessions30 minutes + overnight


Please refer to the emailed PDF for the full list of instructions and resources.

Below are some additional documents referenced by the PDF

Design a campsite

Build your gateway

Cook a meal